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yAlert is a free customized email notification service, where users can have the newest content such as product, supplier and buyer information, which match your criteria that will be sent to your email address. Alerts can be created for all products, buying leads and promos posted by entering a keyword search.

Benefits of yAlert:
  • Receive the most current product information matching your requests.
  • Meet new buyers and suppliers dealing in similar products.
  • Link in to highly detailed product and supplier information.
  • Keeps updated on your industry and your competition.

If you are already a member, you are automatically subscribed to yAlert. However,
you are not entitled to receive yAlerts if:
  • you have not posted any products, buying leads and promos;
  • you have not entered any keyword in your yAlert page.

To get more yAlert notification, you must:
  • Sign in at "My Yocal".
  • Go to "Marketing Tools" section and click "My yAlert".
  • Click "Add New yAlert" link.
  • Enter your desired product keyword then click "Submit".
Once you have completed the process, you will receive yAlerts by email as soon as any new content matching your preferences is published online at

If you are not a member, you are advised to Register Now first and follow the instructions carefully to set up your yAlert preferences.

There are four types of information available for subscription: Promos, Buying Leads, Products and Companies.
  • Promos(selling leads): is an invitation to buyers to contact sellers with appropriate product and price requirements. Interested buyers can reply to the Promo and request more information.
  1. Buying Leads: is an invitation from buyers to sellers, where sellers reply with the requested product and price information.
  1. Products: is a listing from sellers, which provides product images, specification and descriptions.
  1. Companies: basic business information of companies which include, type of business, size and scope of operations, staff and facility information, certifications and awards, third party verified company information, key products and primary markets.

What is a Product Keyword/Phrase?

A product keyword/phrase is a product and service term, which you use to customize your yAlert content through searching engine.

How many Product Keywords/Phrases can I add to My yAlert?

You can add product keyword/phrase to your yAlert as many as you want. Its UNLIMITED.

Keyword Tips:
  1. Enter only ONE keyword or phrase at a time (e.g., "car" or "DVD player").
  2. Do not enter multiple keyword or phrases (e.g., "car DVD player ink bag").
  3. Avoid keywords which are too specific (e.g., "HP Desk Jet Black Ink No. 56").
  4. Do not include the words "buyer" or "seller" in your keyword or phrase (e.g., "car buyer").
  5. Do not include the country/region's name in your keyword or phrase (e.g., "car Makati").

How to delete a Product Keyword?

Go to  My yAlert, select the product keyword you want to delete and click the "Delete" button.

How to edit a Product keyword?

  • Go to My yAlert, click the "Edit" link at the right side of the Product Keyword.
  • In the "Edit My yAlert" page, make the appropriate changes.
  • Click "Submit" when finished.

By default, your yAlert email frequency is "Daily", email format is "HTML", and your yAlert is delivered to the email address you have registered in your account information.

You can change your yAlert email delivery frequency between "Daily" and "Weekly"; and your email format between "HTML" and "TEXT".

To change your delivery options, please take the following steps:
  • Go to My yAlert.
  • Click the "Edit" link at the right side of the product keyword.
  • In the "Edit My yAlert" page make the appropriate changes in the Delivery Option field.
  • Click "Submit" when finished.

To be able to unsubscribe from yAlert, you must:
  • Sign in at My Yocal.
  • Go to "Marketing Tools" section and click "My yAlerts".
  • Click the "Unsubscribe" button at the bottom of the page.
  • Or, simply clcik the "Unsubscribe from yAlert" link in any of the yAlert emails you receive.