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Customized Sourcing made easier by reducing the number of process:
just post your buying requirements, and we'll match you with quotes from our Verified Suppliers. Once those suppliers send their quotes back to us, we'll pick out the most appropriate ones and send those back to you.

Why use Customized Sourcing?

Verified Suppliers
Genuine and complaint-free suppliers verified by Yocal.ph
Prompt Service
Receive quotes from our Verified Suppliers in 48 hours.
Simple & Easy
Use 5 minutes to fill out a Buying Request and match your requested quotes to our Verified Suppliers.

How it work?

Step 1
Buyer submits a Buying Request specifying their requirements
Step 2
Buying Request is matched with Verified Suppliers from Yocal.ph
Step 3
The supplier’s quotes are reviewed by Yocal.ph
Step 4
Buyer selects from among the Verified Suppliers and works towards a deal

Sample RFQ


Why use

How it works

Sample RFQ

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posting buying request makes your sourcing more efficient
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