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Customized Sourcing

Finding quality and trusted suppliers made easy!

With Customized Sourcing, it only takes 5 mins to fill out a Buying Request
and match you to our Verified Suppliers in 48 hours.
1 Request, Many Quotes
Take 5 minutes to complete a buying
request and receive many quotes.
Verified Suppliers
Get quotes from accredited suppliers
with no complaints.
Comparison to Transaction
One-stop service to build your deal, from
comparing quotes to finalizing an order.
How Does Customized Sourcing Work?
Just post your buying requirements, and we'll match you with quotes from our Verified Suppliers. Once those suppliers send their quotes back to us, we'll pick out the most appropriate ones and send those back to you.
Buyer Submits
Buying Request
Yocal.ph Matches
Submit Qoutes
Buyer works
towards a deal
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